I’ve been writing code professionally for over 10 years, but I started 18 years ago for fun. During that timeframe I have worked on quite a few personal to professional projects here are my top three ranked for coolness and recency:


Company: Flowplayer

Tech: Javascript, SASS, Video

This project consisted of a greenfield rewrite of an incredibly popular video player, where I was given several goals: a powerful api, fast performance, and reducing bundled size.

This was probably one of my favorite projects to work on. The modern web is full of bloat and it was refreshing to see a company actively trying to reduce it. It was a lot of work and felt like for every two LOC added I worked to trim three, but after the project went into general availability for Enterprise customers we had the most fastest and smallest (~10kb gzipped) HTML5 Video player on the market.

P2P Hybrid Video Distribution

Company: Flowplayer

Tech: Javascript, HLS, Node.js

This project was a peer-to-peer hybrid (P2P/CDN) video delivery system based on the HLS protocol. It involved implementing an insect-based routing system a P2P and peer signaling service. I can’t talk much more about it, but in production networks it demonstrated a 20% reduction in CDN usage.

Elanthia Online Project


Tech: Ruby

My nerdiest project consists of writing a public toolchain to help improve scripting in a text-based RPG called Gemstone IV. It uses Github and Travis-CI that accepts community contributions and publishes them to a remote script repository via a machine user. Previously it had been a persistent community problem where there was no good mechanism for collaboratively authoring scripts.


Here are some of the technologies I am most comfortable with:

  1. Javascript & Node.js
  2. CSS/SASS & Other CSS preprocessors
  3. Ruby
  4. Postgres

And a few more I really like to tinker in but have limited professional experience with:

  1. Elixir
  2. Crystal
  3. Nim